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Celebrities With Emo Hair? So Cool And Funny! Part 2

They all suffer from severe narcissism, leading them to believe that they alone know what pain is, and that no one understands them, when in fact they are simply experiencing puberty; just like everyone else is. They all believe that their personal affliction could not be worse, that their life in their quiet suburban house with their own television and computer in their room is not just the worst life they could have, but the worst life anyone has had, ever. On the plus side, emos have made great strides in the fields of photography. Many surrealist photographers study the ridiculous and almost impossible-to-duplicate camera angles emos use to post pictures on their MySpace.

The origin of emoism is much debated, but it is thought, like many terrible things, to have first manifested in the modern form during the 1990s. Another theory is that emos are suffering from a defect in the center of endorphins. It goes so much happiness hormone lost that from puberty simply not sufficient to a normal life to lead.

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